RussKap Water Affiliate Program Overview & Details


We are thrilled to introduce the RussKap Water Affiliate Program, offering you the opportunity to sell the world’s most essential resource – drinking water! Only, we’re not referring to the likes of which you can obtain from your tap or local supermarket. Rather, we’re offering water of far greater quality and independence with our revolutionary Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs). RussKap AWGs create high-quality drinking water from the air – simply plug-in and enjoy fresh water-from-air at the push of a button.

Traditional drinking water sources, such as tap and bottled water, are contaminated at the source, treated with toxins, filtered of all contents, and hopefully remineralized before rendered safe and healthy to drink. RussKap AWGs source pure water from the air we breathe, use the EPA-recommended ozone water treatment, and infuse the water with essential minerals to produce top-quality drinking water with zero toxins and contaminants.

RussKap Water has quickly become the world leader in Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) and the largest supplier of AWGs to the US military and Department of Defense. Our industry-leading AWG systems excel in the fields of water quality, sustainability, and efficiency, and are operating in over 40 countries worldwide, providing clean drinking water solutions for a range of industrial, commercial, military, residential, and community applications. RussKap AWGs are proudly made in the USA in our manufacturing facility operated by US veterans.

The RussKap Water Affiliate Program has been thoughtfully designed to maximize our impact in bringing our revolutionary product to homes and businesses around the world while rewarding referral sales, enabling a substantial earning opportunity for affiliates, and offering a savings opportunity for customers. Join us in our mission to standardize access to truly healthy and sustainable drinking water!



Section I: Program Overview

Section II: Program Details

Section III: Benefits of Joining

Section IV: Support and Communication

Section V: Conclusion


Section I: Program Overview

Affiliates have the opportunity to promote our flagship product, the TIFFANY, to earn commissions on sales made using their affiliate-specific discount code or through their affiliate-specific URL.

Affiliates gain access to a range of marketing materials and promotional resources. Affiliate support and communication will primarily occur via our affiliate messaging group. Some materials may be shared via email depending on the size of the file being shared.

How It Works

  • Promote: Drive sales through your unique discount code and URL.
  • Earn: Receive commission on sales generated through your referrals.

Key Benefits of Joining

  • Commission Opportunity: Earn commission on each sale of our high-value product. Your earning potential is virtually limitless. To provide perspective:

         Sell 1 TIFFANY: Receive $250.

         Sell 10: Receive $2,500.

         Sell 100: Receive $25,000.

         Sell 1,000: Receive $250,000.

         High-performing affiliates can access exclusive incentives and rewards.

  • Dedicated Support: Promotional materials and resources will be provided. Our team is here to help you succeed.
  • Consumer Essential: Improve access to the planet's most essential resource – drinking water – a constant necessity that people are willing to pay for.
  • Noble Cause: Safeguard the lives of others and the environment with a truly reliable and sustainable source of healthy, high-quality drinking water.
  • Free to Join: Joining our program won't cost you a dime.
  • Risk-Free Opportunity: No financial risk; your success is our success.


Section II: Program Details

Program Objectives

Our program objectives are clear:

  • Bring healthy and sustainable drinking water to as many people as possible.
  • Enable affiliate earning opportunity and offer customer discounts.
  • Establish strong relationships with top-performing affiliates for future collaboration.

Promoted Products

The RussKap Water Affiliate Program is currently exclusive to our flagship product, the TIFFANY, in all its variants. For inquiries regarding the promotion and commission opportunities for additional items, such as TIFFANY filters and accessories, please reach out to us at

Commission Structure

Affiliates receive a generous 5% commission on all sales made using their affiliate-specific discount code. Additional incentives in the form of higher commission and other bonuses are made available to high-performing affiliates. Customers who use the affiliate discount code will receive a $200 discount on their TIFFANY purchase. Affiliates are only entitled to receive commission on purchases made using their affiliate-specific discount code or URL.

Tracking and Reporting

To ensure accurate tracking and reporting of affiliate-driven sales, we rely on affiliate-specific discount codes. Purchases made through affiliate URLs will automatically apply the corresponding affiliate discount code. Upon each affiliate-driven sale, our website admin will review the order, verify the applied discount code, and promptly initiate the payout to the respective affiliates responsible for that sale. You may email at any time to request a performance report.

Affiliate Payouts

Affiliate payouts are processed via PayPal and require an active PayPal account for commission disbursements. While our standard order fulfillment timeframe is 60-90 days, payouts occur within 1-4 weeks after a recorded sale. In the event of a canceled order after the affiliate payout has occurred, RussKap will notify the respective affiliate that the payout for the canceled sale must be refunded in full to the designated RussKap PayPal account responsible for payments. 


Section III: Benefits of Joining

Earning Potential

Your earning potential is virtually limitless. To provide perspective:

  • Sell 1 TIFFANY: Receive $250.
  • Sell 10: Receive $2,500.
  • Sell 100: Receive $25,000.
  • Sell 1,000: Receive $250,000.

Additional performance-based incentives will also be available.

Risk-free opportunity and free to join.

Advance a Noble Cause

Drinking water is the most essential resource on the planet, yet a majority of people rely on water that is contaminated at the source, treated with known toxins, filtered of all contents (including minerals), and hopefully remineralized. RussKap AWGs source pure water from the air we breathe, treat it with ozone (a naturally occurring process licensed by mother nature), and infuse it with essential minerals for a truly reliable source of healthy, high-quality drinking water.


Section IV: Support and Communication

Marketing Materials

RussKap will provide marketing materials via email, utilizing the addresses provided in the Affiliate Application Form. Smaller files may be shared through our dedicated affiliate messaging group. You'll gain access to various promotional resources such as brochures, info-decks, information sheets, industry-specific materials, and more. We'll also provide curated social media posts to kickstart your promotions.

Promotion Strategies

RussKap will share valuable promotion strategies with our affiliate messaging group, covering marketing techniques, target industries, tailored marketing materials, industry news and insights, product applications, and more. Additionally, RussKap is open to collaborating with affiliates on promotional campaigns and initiatives, subject to our team’s availability, without affecting earnings from affiliate-driven sales.

Affiliate Messaging Group

Once approved, affiliates will gain access to an exclusive messaging group for communication and resource-sharing. While affiliates may also contact us via email, we recommend reaching out through the affiliate messaging group for faster responses.


Section V: Conclusion

We appreciate your interest in the RussKap Water Affiliate Program. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you to improve global access to clean, healthy, and sustainable drinking water.

Our program offers a risk-free and limitless earning opportunity and comes at no cost to join. Apply today to become a part of the global drinking water revolution!

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the RussKap Water Affiliate Program, please contact us at:


Phone: (704) 610-7171

Address: 801 NE 167 St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162