Disaster Relief


RussKap AWG units have been used in various operational capacities to provide pre and post disaster relief in affected areas during Hurricanes Harvey (TX, 2017), Irma (FL, 2017) and Michael (FL, 2018), as well as forest fire relief in California.


RussKap AWG units are highly mobile, allowing for ease of transport to areas in need of immediate disaster relief. To provide context, one OASIS unit supplies up to 73,000 gallons of water per year and weighs approximately 1,000 lbs, whereas transporting 73,000 gallons of bottled water will have a total weight exceeding 609,000 lbs across multiple recurring shipments.

Water Independence

Our AWG units can be set up with a generator allowing for functionality amid disasters that temporarily disable public power grids. This setup can also be mounted onto a trailer, allowing for enhanced mobility during times of crisis. Additionally, our units can be paired with solar power to enable full sustainability and water independence. In order to minimize the delay of critical relief due to response time, units should be stationed in strategic areas before disaster strikes where they can function as a water farm ahead of emergency scenarios.

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