Environmental Protection


Globally, about 481.6 billion single-use plastic bottles are sold every year – that is around 40 billion bottles per month, 1.3 billion per day, and 54.9 million bottles per hour. It is estimated that upwards of 5 million metric tons of this plastic ends up in our oceans and waterways every year. These plastic bottles are also overwhelming landfills as they take around 450 years to decompose.

Each TIFFANY eliminates up to 27,645 16.9-fl oz plastic bottles every year, and each OASIS eliminates up to 552,899 bottles every year!

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Ground and freshwater resources are finite, tedious to maintain, and require expensive processes to extract and purify the water. Additionally, many regions of the world are already experiencing drinking water shortages and even dire droughts as these sources run dry. Through shifting our water dependency to the renewable supply in our atmosphere, RussKap AWG provides a viable alternative to the gradual depletion of our ground and freshwater resources.

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Water Farms

Atmospheric water farms are providing a safe, convenient, and reliable source of clean drinking water for communities around the world. Use of these water farms decreases reliance on single-use plastics and groundwater sources while encouraging positive environmental practices. When paired with solar power, these water farms are a fully-sustainable drinking water source. To maximize machine output and water yield, RussKap AWG units can be connected to external water tanks.

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ESG Credits

The positive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact of AWG water farms can be measured by the number of gallons distributed. Each gallon of water-from-air that is distributed results in verifiable ESG credits. Municipalities have already begun to recognize and verify these ESG credits in an effort to ensure corporate responsibility and advance sustainable initiatives.

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Forest Fire Prevention

Each year, thousands of forest fires affect millions of acres of land, causing thousands of deaths, many thousands of injuries, and tens of thousands to relocate, not to mention billions of dollars in damages. Strategically positioning RussKap AWG units to shower dry areas prone to wildfires helps prevent a spark from igniting into a blaze. Keeping these areas moist with a renewable water source is a proactive measure against forest fires that focuses on prevention rather than reaction.

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