Humanitarian Aid

Bringing Clean Drinking Water to those Without

Without relying on rainwater or a groundwater source, RussKap AWG units provide the ability to source clean drinking water in areas where it is otherwise impossible. Globally, more than 884 million people do not have safe water to drink and 2.2 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services. The mobility of RussKap AWG units has enabled us to bring clean drinking water to all those without and provide a safe and secure water solution for the world. Indian Reservations across the nation as well as communities in Africa have already begun to take advantage of this breakthrough technology by setting up water farms to generate and store clean drinking water at their point of need.

Global Drinking Water Solution

Even in developed regions of the world, millions are affected by water contamination and most consumers view bottled water as the only safe alternative to the public water supply. RussKap AWG units provide high-quality drinking water at a much cheaper rate than bottled water which is oftentimes nearly unaffordable for many families and communities affected by drinking water contamination. RussKap AWG units produce truly clean, toxin-free water, circumventing potential contaminants commonly found in tap and bottled water which are known to cause adverse health effects.

Crisis Response

In times of crisis, affected communties often experience stressed supplies of critical resources such as clean drinking water. Using water-from-air technology, RussKap AWG units enable a mobile and independent source of clean drinking water - revolutionizing crisis response capablities. Creating clean drinking water on-site at the point of need reduces costs and logistics for drinking water provisioning while freeing up other productive resources.

Only together can we make the difference that the world needs.

More people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war, and over 80% of the disease in developing countries is related to poor drinking water and sanitation. Providing access to clean water, without any other medical involvement, could save 2 million lives per year – Donate Now to help supply AWG units and bring clean drinking water to communities in need!

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