Providing clean drinking water for the world with technology licensed by mother nature.

RussKap Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) has revolutionized drinking water sourcing and provisioning by harnessing the abundance of water in the air around us.

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State-of-the-art RussKap Water factory in North Carolina.

World Leader in Atmospheric Water Generation

Largest Supplier of AWG Units to U.S. Military and Department of Defense

Skilled Engineering Team Led by U.S. Military Veterans

100% Customer Satisfaction

Made in the USA

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    Countries using RKW AWG worldwide

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    Single-use plastic water bottles reduced

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    Save up to 97% per gallon when switching from bottled water

How Does It Work?

Diagram of RussKap Water AWG process: moist air in, ozone treatment and mineralization, warm air out, dispense clean drinking water.

Sourcing the Water

RussKap AWGs begin their process by drawing moisture from the humidity in the air.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone water treatment is then used to oxidize and eliminate any toxins or contaminants in the water.


Next, the water passes through two sets of filters to infuse the water with essential minerals and a fresh, crisp taste.

Dispensing the Water

Finally, RussKap AWGs dispense high-quality drinking water from the air with the option of chilled or ambient water temperature.

Let's Bridge the Water Gap

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    RussKap AWGs avoid common sources of contamination such as corrosive pipelines and polymer plastic bottles, providing a safe, reliable, and independent source of clean drinking water.

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    By capturing drinking water from a renewable source and eliminating reliance on single-use plastic water bottles, RussKap AWGs enable and encourage positive environmental practices.

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    The convenience of 24-hour access and on-site production at the point of need make RussKap AWGs an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of sourcing drinking water.

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