Healthy Water For Your Home

The TIFFANY offers a reliable and sustainable source of healthy, toxin-free drinking water.

✓ High-quality drinking water.

✓ Pure and refreshing taste.

✓ Renewable water source.

✓ Self-replenishing supply.

✓ Easy to use and maintain.

Simply plug-in and power-on to start creating water from air!

Proudly Made In USA

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Cleaner Source

Creating water from air avoids the toxins and contaminants associated with tap and bottled water which rely on extensive treatment processes to render groundwater safe and clean to drink.

Better Treatment

The TIFFANY uses the EPA-recommended ozone water treatment and a mineralization process to ensure healthy hydration with optimal quality and taste.

Unlike traditional drinking water sources, no chlorine is used in our treatment process.

On-Site Delivery

Creating water on-site at the point of need eliminates reliance on pipes and single-use plastics for transport.

This avoids contaminants introduced from tap water pipes and the chemicals that line the inside of single-use plastic water bottles.

  • ZERO

    No reliance on groundwater, plumbing, or plastic bottles for your hydration.

  • 9.0 pH

    Alkaline pH level with essential minerals Ca and Mg for optimal hydration.

  • 166k+

    Single-use plastic water bottles reduced over the lifetime of each TIFFANY.*

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  • High-quality drinking water with alkaline pH and rich mineral content.
  • Avoids contaminants associated with tap and bottled water.
  • No reliance on groundwater and plumbing or single-use plastics and transportation.
  • Exceeds top bottled water brands in quality and taste with as much as 95% less cost per gallon.

Decentralized Water Source


Become drinking water independent and self-sufficient.

Maximize water output and yield by filling external tanks and containers with daily water yield.

Upgrade Your Drinking Water

Healthy drinking water created from the air with unmatched quality and taste!

Accessory Items

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*Depending on proximal environmental conditions.