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RussKap Water



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Create up to 12 gallons of healthy, high-quality drinking water from air everyday!

  • Perfect for homes, offices, fitness centers, and more
  • Enjoy clean, toxin-free drinking water from the air
  • No plumbing or permanent infrastructure required
  • EPA-recommended ozone water treatment
  • Infused with natural minerals Ca, Mg, & K
  • Eliminate 33,000+ single-use plastic water bottles every year
  • Create over $5,000 worth of drinking water every year
  • Fully-renewable and self-replenishing drinking water source
  • Compatible with solar and other renewable energy sources
  • Mobile & independent water source
  • No assembly required – plug-in & drink
  • Made in the USA

Daily Production

Creates Up to 12 Gallons of Drinking Water Every Day


No-Assembly, Easy-to-Use

Autofills and Manages Internal Water Storage Tank

Internal Ozone Water Treatment System

Internal Mineralization System


22.25"L x 16"W x 46"H

Dry Weight

130 lbs

Electrical Characteristics

Power Supply: 110v / 60hz

Power Draw: 737 Watts

Current: 6.3 Amps


Stainless-Steel Exterior

NSF-61 Certified, FDA Approved Components

Care Instructions

Replace air filter after six months of use or after it becomes noticably dirty, whichever comes first.

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Replace water filters after six months of use or after 1,500 gallons have been dispensed, whichever comes first.

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Leave at least 6 inches of space on all sides to ensure optimal air flow and water generation.

Station TIFFANY in an environment with at least 35% relative humidity or a dew point of at least 45ºF.

Do not expose TIFFANY to harsh weather conditions or environments.


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Create water from air


✓ High-quality drinking water

✓ Self-replenishing supply

✓ Easy to use & maintain

✓ Long-term cost efficiency

✓ Made in the USA

Create drinking water reserve


Become drinking water independent and self sufficient. Maximize water output and yield by filling external tanks and containers with daily water yield.