• Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG)

    RUSSKAP AWGs create, store, and dispense clean and healthy drinking water from the humidity in the air using an efficient and sustainable process.

  • Independent Supply of Drinking Water

    RUSSKAP AWGs harness the abundant and fully-renewable supply of freshwater in Earth’s atmosphere without any reliance on a raw water source or permanent infrastructure.

  • Easy To Use

    RUSSKAP AWGs are easy to operate and do not require any assembly or high-maintenance – simply plug-in and power-on to start creating water from air.

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1. Sourcing the Water

RussKap AWGs begin their process by drawing water vapor in the air and condensing it into liquid form.

2. Ozone Treatment

Next, a built-in ozone water treatment system oxidizes the water to ensure high water quality.

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3. Mineral Filtration

Next, the water passes through two sets of filters to infuse the water with essential minerals and a pure, refreshing taste.

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4. Dispensation

Finally, RussKap AWGs dispense high-quality drinking water from the air at the push of a button.

  • Exceeds Global Standards

    RUSSKAP AWGs use the EPA recommended ozone water treatment and FDA-approved and NSF-61 compliant components to produce drinking water that exceeds WHO standards.

  • Industry Leading Products & Service

    RUSSKAP is the largest provider of AWGs to the US Department of Defense, with units operating in over 40 countries worldwide, and incorporates user evaluation data from the US military.

  • Proudly Made in USA

    RUSSKAP AWGs are proudly made in the USA with durable, high-quality parts in our very own manufacturing facility operated by US veterans.

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  • High-Quality Water Solution icon: water drop


    Enjoy higher quality drinking water than tap and bottled water with a simplified and healthier sourcing, treatment, and delivery process.

  • Sustainable Water Solution icon: leaf


    Harness the fully renewable source of fresh water in the atmosphere and eliminate reliance on single-use plastic water bottles.

  • Efficient Water Solution icon: growth arrow


    Take advantage of a virtually unlimited, self-replenishing water supply with on-site water creation at the point of need.

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    Upgrade your drinking water with the TIFFANY, the perfect drinking water solution for your home.


    Healthy and sustainable hydration for schools, offices, hospitality, worksites, and more.

  • U.S. military serviceman uses RussKap OASIS to fill canteen with water from air.


    Mitigate logistics and increase drinking water independence with RUSSKAP AWG.

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