U.S. military serviceman filling canteen from RussKap AWG unit.

American Company Offers Innovative Drinking Water Solution for Disaster in Ohio

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2023/RussKapWater.com/ – RussKap Water, LLC, has announced a proposed solution to help the residents of Ohio and the greater area who have been affected by the recent Norfolk Southern Railroad train derailment and subsequent inferno of toxic chemicals. The incident, which occurred on February 3, has resulted in the displacement of thousands of residents, contaminated water supplies, and a threat to public health.

As the world leader in Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG), RussKap Water has proposed the use of their water-from-air technology to provide drinking water as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to mass reliance on single-use plastic bottled water.

Ed Russo, CEO of RussKap Water, stated, “Our team has been monitoring the situation, and every resident should be concerned about both the short and long-term effects of these chemicals in the water. These are highly toxic, highly hazardous chemicals, and there is no guarantee that the water is safe.” Those in the area are still concerned regarding water contamination as the full impact has yet to be determined and residents have been told to drink bottled water. “Those without clean drinking water right now deserve the best solutions in terms of safety and quality, and we are doing everything we can to help alleviate the situation.”

Yehuda Kaploun, President of RussKap Water, commented that “everyone is entitled to clean drinking water, and our government must be proactive and err on the side of caution going forward. Flint, Michigan, Newark, New Jersey, and Jackson, Mississippi are just a few instances that have shown the failures of government when it comes to ensuring clean water.” He went on to say that local, state, and national officials should give this situation the attention and resources that it deserves, and that RussKap is ready to help. “Affected residents are being told to buy bottled water indefinitely. This is outrageous. Healthy, toxin-free drinking water can be created from the air at the point of need, without any reliance on a raw water source or millions of throwaway plastic bottles. We encourage all parties to work with us on implementing a healthy, sustainable, and long-term solution for the drinking water needs of those affected by this disaster.” Kaploun further explained that creating water from air on location is a more affordable and scalable solution than bottled water.

RussKap AWG units capture water from the humidity in the air and use the EPA-recommended ozone water treatment system to cleanse the water of any toxins and contaminants, the only byproduct is cleaner air. All the components that touch the water are EPA or FDA approved, making RussKap AWG units amongst the most reliable sources of clean drinking water in the world. By using a mobile, in-house system to create, store, and dispense clean drinking water, these units can provide long-term water security for those who no longer have a stable source of drinking water. The use of AWG is also better for the environment by eliminating reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. Plastic water bottles take over 400 years to decompose and in addition to crowding landfills, they are one of the leading contributors to global plastic pollution.

RussKap has proposed for various models of their AWG units to be placed in homes, schools, community centers, and public facilities to create anywhere from 10 to 200 gallons of healthy, toxin-free drinking water every single day. “Our team stands ready and able to work alongside response teams and oversight officials,” said Kaploun. “Our AWG units can save lives and ensure the health of children with quality drinking water they can trust.”

RussKap AWG units are providing clean drinking water all around the world, and the company’s previous involvement in disaster zones as well as field tests with the US military have proven the viability and utility of AWG for disaster relief. Creating drinking water from air with an independent system stands to provide immediate and long-term relief for those without a safe and stable source of clean drinking water.

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