RussKap Water mobile Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) trailer setup on display for U.S. military and Department of Defense.

Dept. of Defense Awards Atmospheric Water Generation Contract to RussKap Holdings, LLC

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2022 / -- The United States Department of Defense (DoD) awarded another contract for Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) machines to RussKap Holdings, LLC. Edward Russo, CEO of RussKap Holdings, is pleased to see the DoD taking an increased interest in AWG technology. Russo stated this additional contract is an indication that the DoD is serious about addressing the current water crisis. "We have learned a great deal about deployment methods by working closely with the military and we're able to advance our technology, exponentially, by actively listening to our clients' feedback. Our commitment to our clients and incorporating the military's requests has contributed to RussKap being universally recognized as the world leader in AWG technology."

This recent contract is for the newly improved home/office unit - the Tiffany, which incorporates a year's worth of unfiltered user evaluation data from the military. "Modifications and upgrades are an important part of the process," said Yehuda Kaploun, President of RussKap Holdings. "We sincerely appreciate the feedback from service members regarding utilization methods, and we are honored to upgrade our systems to meet the needs of the Department of Defense," Kaploun continued.

The latest models of RussKap AWGs are manufactured at the RussKap Water facility by veterans who understand the importance of clean drinking water in training and combat situations. Water logistics is a critical element that can lead to success or defeat on the battlefield and RussKap is ensuring the military has the technology to generate, store, and distribute clean drinking water at the point of need without a raw water source.

Kaploun further added, "RussKap's center of gravity as a company is our entire team's understanding of the importance of creating healthy, toxin-free drinking water at the point of need. Our team's understanding of the problem is only outweighed by our passion to act." Whether on base, at the garrison, or deployed to foreign lands, RussKap AWGs are sourcing drinking water on-site for those in need.

RussKap AWGs have been deployed throughout the world and have become operational assets for the U.S. military. "Performance feedback helps ensure our machines remain the best," remarked Russo. "In a time of severe water shortages around the world, we created an extraordinary team working closely with numerous municipalities and our military to alleviate their drinking water shortages." RussKap recently announced the sale of AWG units to Flint, Michigan as they work toward providing the healthiest, cleanest, toxin-free, and lead-free drinking water for the city's residents. To ensure high quality drinking water, RussKap AWGs use the EPA-recommended ozone treatment as opposed to traditional and less reliable methods of water purification. RussKap is now working with the military to provide PFAS-free water on several bases having successfully addressed the issue of drinking water contamination. Through combining innovative and sustainable technology, RussKap AWGs have set the standard in clean drinking water solutions.

RussKap Holdings specializes in Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology which creates clean drinking water from the air. By creating drinking water on-site at the point of need with a sustainable system, this break-through technology has revolutionized global drinking water sourcing and provisioning.

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