RussKap Water mobile AWG trailer on display in front of FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

RussKap’s Water-from-Air Being Utilized by the United States Government

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2022/ – RussKap Water, LLC, has announced today the purchase of thirty Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) units for numerous branches of the United States Government.

The purchase orders will be for RussKap’s newly designed units which create mineral drinking water from the humidity in the air without the need for any permanent infrastructure. These recent orders follow numerous purchases of AWG units by the U.S. military and Department of Defense as government agencies and international organizations actively pursue new and greener methods of drinking water sourcing.

While announcing the new purchases, Ed Russo, CEO of RussKap Water, stated “this round of orders further validates RussKap Water’s position as the AWG industry leader. We are the leader because we listen to our clients and enhance the machines’ functionality to meet their needs. In the near future, we expect to announce several large contracts and some very exciting projects on the humanitarian front. Our mission to save the world one drop at a time is flooding the water sector.”

Yehuda Kaploun, President of RussKap Water, said “the orders from several different agencies are an indication of the growing support for alternative water solutions in response to the growing water crisis. The water crisis has loomed large on the horizon for many years, and we knew that it would eventually get the attention it required. Now that it is being illuminated, people are embracing AWG technology to ensure they control their own renewable source of healthy drinking water.”

Kaploun also made mention that RussKap AWG units have helped achieve a major reduction in single-use plastic water bottle usage all around the world. “This additional benefit has been gaining a lot of attention,” said Kaploun. “Operational security, efficiency, and sustainability are just a few of the reasons why the government is supporting this initiative. We are also seeing many more corporations taking an active role in eliminating single-use plastics and with our AWG units we are providing a healthy and cost-effective alternative to bottled drinking water. At RussKap, we wholly support the reduction of single-use plastic bottles in favor of healthier and more sustainable practices.”

RussKap’s ‘OASIS’ unit creates up to 200 gallons of mineral drinking water from the air everyday - eliminating the need for about 550,000 single-use plastic water bottles every year. With an estimated 480 billion plastic water bottles sold every year, RussKap is committed to providing a greener, healthier, and more convenient method of sourcing drinking water.

RussKap’s revolutionary design incorporates client feedback and user evaluation data, including recommendations from the U.S. military, to significantly improve upon the existing technology. With an engineering team led by skilled U.S. military veterans, RussKap’s industry-leading R&D has produced new models of their ‘Tiffany’ and ‘OASIS’ units that far exceed the performance of competing AWG systems. In addition to their recent developments, Kaploun stated “our team is currently making breakthrough advancements in energy efficiency and production output for our AWG units.” RussKap’s strong reputation amongst industrial clients is a testimony to the quality and reliability of their AWG units. The company’s warranty policy surpasses any other in the industry and they are rated number one in customer service in the AWG industry. As the world contends with water scarcity and contamination, RussKap is enabling a longterm and sustainable water solution.

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