U.S. military servicemen receiving operating instructions for RussKap AWG.

RussKap Announces New U.S. Manufacturing Facility

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 /RussKapWater.com/ -- Today, CEO of RussKap Holdings, Edward Russo, and President, Yehuda Kaploun, have announced the opening of a new U.S. manufacturing facility in North Carolina as they continue to expand operations. The company’s breakthrough Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology creates clean drinking water from the air and has revolutionized drinking water sourcing on all levels.

In their announcement Russo remarked, “We have had numerous orders from our commercial, institutional, military, and governmental clients, and it has become clear that we needed a larger and more responsive team and production facility. In addition, our successful collaboration with the military and other clients frequently requires time-sensitive and innovative improvements to the design process. Our newest facility will allow us to maximize growth and give our research and development team the resources necessary to implement the latest technologies alongside our engineers.”

RussKap’s new design for their AWG unit is slated to be revealed to the public very soon with a revolutionary delivery system said to supersede all atmospheric water technologies currently on the market. RussKap’s new AWG system is designed to enable the most efficient and user-friendly units the industry has ever seen.

In one comment Kaploun stated, “we are grateful to the military and the EPA for their feedback, and we are thrilled to incorporate their suggestions in our new designs.

RussKap is the largest supplier of AWG units to the United States military and Department of Defense as they continue joint efforts in advancing critical drinking water solutions for military and humanitarian applications. Currently, RussKap has ongoing testing and active pilot programs with the military in various locations to continue optimizing the technology and developing new capabilities. By creating clean drinking water from the air, RussKap continues their mission toward bringing safe, convenient, and reliable access to clean drinking water for the world.

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