U.S. military servicemen drinking from RussKap AWG unit.

RussKap Holdings, LLC, Adds Maxim-RU (Military) Unit to Innovative Portfolio of Atmospheric Water Generators

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2021 /RussKap.com/ -- The new Maxim Recirculation Unit (RU), designed and manufactured in conjunction with Altitude Water, elevates the patented ozone water purification system’s performance measures. The Maxim RU was designed to enhance the onsite water storage capabilities of the current Maxim AWG by providing additional storage capacity. These new enhancements are in response to U.S. military engineers and logisticians expressed desire to store more water at the point of need.

The Maxim RU circulates water from the internal Maxim tank and a larger external tank, allowing for a significantly greater storage capacity of purified water generated from the air. This supports a smaller footprint for water purification capabilities, significantly reducing waste. The separate purification system recirculates the water from the auxiliary tank and keeps up to 500 gallons of purified and distributable water.

President of RussKap Holdings LLC, Yehuda Kaploun stated, “This new technology was introduced in a recent proof of concept with the Marines aboard Camp Lejeune with exceptional results. The Maxim RU expands the AWG capability by allowing for greater storage while increasing the efficiency of the Maxim and has proven to be a true game changer.”

Maxim RU’s and the current Maxim unit are available for purchase in military and international markets.

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