U.S. military serviceman drinking clean water from RussKap AWG unit.

RussKap Holdings, LLC Announces New Machines for the U.S. Military

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2021 /RussKapWater.com/ -- CEO of RussKap Holdings, Ed Russo, announced the newest military Atmospheric Water Generation unit, manufactured by Altitude Water, shipped out today. The new Maxim, which produces over 200 gallons a day, comes with upgrades stemming from extensive collaboration with Utilities Marines and engineers from the U.S. Army. These modifications meet military specifications and integrate seamlessly with current platforms within the Department of Defense.

Russo thanked the manufacturing team at Altitude Water for their dedicated assistance incorporating the modifications as requested by RussKap Holdings and the military. Yehuda Kaploun, President of RussKap Holdings, stated, “These are essential new additions to our military AWGs which currently utilize a patented ozone-treatment process recommended by the U.S. EPA to produce toxin free water.”

RussKap Holdings has worked with the leading companies in the AWG arena and believe this Maxim unit is currently the most efficient unit of its size in the world. RussKap has been relentless in their quest to provide clean drinking water solutions for the world. Kaploun and Russo, who are recognized by military personnel as the pioneers of atmospheric water generation for the military, pointed out that the education has been reciprocal. For example, an additional intent of RussKap’s AWG quest is to eliminate reliance on sole-use plastics for the environment. Kaploun stated that the Marines informed him of the added benefits of signature management and mitigation of logistics resupply convoys. Furthermore, these AWGs significantly reduce the need for robust logistical footprints in support of humanitarian assistance, crisis response, and disaster relief efforts by significantly reducing the need for personnel. As one Marine stated, “You fire it up and walk away, mitigating the need to hand out bottled water.”

Russo and Kaploun continue to introduce new and innovative ways to incorporate AWGs with efficiency and sustainable application. The leadership team from RussKap enjoys discussing the technology with others because they consistently produce new applications in these areas. Numerous advances are on the horizon as RussKap’s partnerships continue to expand beyond the military industrial sector with developing collaborations at the grassroots level. In support of the Department of Defense and their growing cliental, RussKap continues to further develop the utility of atmospheric water generation.

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