RussKap Holdings, LLC to supply Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) machines to Saudi company.

RussKap Holdings, LLC Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Leading Saudi Energy Company to Supply Atmospheric Water Generation Machines

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2021 / -- RussKap Holdings CEO, Ed Russo, announced today that they have entered into an agreement with PEMCO (Power Equipment and Materials Co. LTS), a leader in power equipment and supplies in Saudi Arabia.

Russo stated, “We have looked for an exemplary partner in Saudi Arabia for our leading atmospheric water generation technology. After considering various companies, we determined that PEMCO is uniquely suited to help our industry grow. We currently have our atmospheric water generator units in Saudi Arabia for several months, with their executives are very pleased with the quality and healthy taste of the water produced out of the air.”

PEMCO President, Hasan Khashoggi, stated, “We have been looking to enter this market with this new technology of producing clean, safe, and healthy water and finally met a company that can match the high standards and quality that we were seeking.”

By creating water on site, the need for plastic bottles is minimized, helping to reduce plastic waste in Saudi areas. RussKap’s patented technology uses the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended ozone (03) treatment system to ensure a sterile environment. RussKap recently received the largest purchase ever of atmospheric water machines by the United States Department of Defense.

RussKap President, Yehuda Kaploun, stated, “This relationship doesn’t happen overnight and we are pleased to have found the company and the people that we believe works best to bring our high quality ‘Made in the USA’ machines to the Saudi market. The PEMCO team has been testing and tasting our product for months, and only after they were satisfied with the quality and our production did we move forward. Having a touch-less dispenser, which prevents the spread of Covid-19, and can replace public water fountains in schools and hospitals, is an added plus.”

PEMCO executive said there are many companies in the atmospheric water generator field, but only one company which consistently uses the high standards we were looking for. We look forward to working closely with Mr. Russo and Mr. Kaploun to make these units the number one brand in the Saudi region and the entire Gulf region.  Having a leading company from the United States working with PEMCO, the leading Saudi energy supply company is truly a great match.

“One crucial benefit for our region,” said PEMCO’s CEO, Hamad Al Qusaibi, “is the use of atmospheric water generation for crop irrigation. In addition, RussKap’s solar powered units reduce the need and therefore the effects of desalination by-products. This is a significant advantage for the people of Saudi Arabia and to the environment as a whole.  Providing great tasting water from the air on demand is so vital for the growth of the region. No longer do farmers need to fear droughts and runoff pollution that has devastated agricultural areas around the world.”

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