Florida Wellness Center drinking fresh, cool water from RussKap TIFFANY AWG unit.

RussKap Holdings, LLC Signs Distribution Agreement With Wellness Centers in Florida

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 /RussKapWater.com/ -- Ed Russo, CEO of RussKap Holdings LLC, announced today the successful completion of a distribution agreement with the Green Pineapple Wellness
Center collective based in Key West,
Florida. The Green Pineapple is a collection of sustainable and eco-
conscious boutiques, plus a Wellness Café and Yoga Studio. It has locations
in the Florida Key on Stock Island and on Key West, as well as an online shopping platform.

Yehuda Kaploun, President of RussKap, said that "wellness and yoga centers are
ideal places for our Tiffany home and office touch-less atmospheric water generators, with their patented technology incorporating the EPA’s recommended ozone water treatment. The Tiffany creates fresh, pure, drinkable water directly from air, without connecting to any water source and with minimal use of power."

Jennifer Hulse, owner of the Green Pineapple Wellness Center, stated that their clients are already actively engaged in their personal health and very conscious of the foods they consume. Having quick and convenient access to healthy and pure drinking Green Pineapple Wellness water created from filtered air is another enhancement on the wellness journey. RussKap Holdings explored many options for atmospheric water generation before moving forward with the Tiffany. The Tiffany’s technology is superior to other water-filtering delivery systems in four significant ways: (1) The Tiffany uses the patented ozone treatment, which is the United States EPA’s choice to prevent microbial opportunities in drinking water. This technology is far superior and safer than the traditional use of ultraviolet light or chlorine. (2) The ease of plug and play. Plug the machine in and enjoy the creation of pure water condensed from filtered pure air. (3) The touch-less dispensing technology avoids problematic casual contact and therefore eliminates the opportunity for virus or other pollutant contamination. (4) The Tiffany is part of a new generation of technical advances that significantly reduce the need for plastic bottles and help achieve a smaller carbon footprint. The use of individual reusable containers will reduce plastic bottle waste substantially.

These innovations eliminate the fear of unknown physical influences in drinking water distribution from contaminated pipes or reservoir sources. You are no longer dependent on the questionable claims of sterile bottling companies of the threat of micro plastics leaching chemicals into your drinking water. For the first time in history, you are now able to make your own safe and secure drinking water for you and your family.

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