US military servicemen utilizing RussKap mobile AWG unit.

RussKap Water Strikes Big Deal for their Water-from-Air Technology

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2022 / -- RussKap Water, LLC, a company based out of Miami, Florida, announced today that it has received a purchase order for its new Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) units from Sustainable Metal Solutions, LLC, a company based in Lakewood, Colorado.

The new AWG unit, dubbed “the Oasis,” creates up to 200 gallons of pure drinking water daily at the point of need. By harnessing the water in Earth’s atmosphere, this technology has revolutionized global drinking water sourcing and provisioning. RussKap Water co-founders Ed Russo and Yehuda Kaploun developed the original concept and worked with FEMA, the EPA, and various international aid organizations to ensure the optimal design for the mobile water generation unit.

RussKap Water CEO, Ed Russo, announced that the company has received a contract to supply two mobile Oasis AWG trailers, one standard Oasis unit, and four Tiffany home/office units. The RussKap Oasis trailer system includes an Oasis AWG unit and a diesel generator mounted onto a trailer for enhanced mobility. The RussKap AWG trailers incorporate the company’s latest technological advances and will be used by Sustainable Metals Solutions in their daily operations as well as in their offices in Texas. The RussKap Tiffany units create up to 12 gallons and provide a green and convenient drinking water solution for the company’s offices.

The three-hundred-thousand dollar contract is expected to be the first of several purchase orders for AWG units by Sustainable Metal Solutions for their various subsidiaries which are dedicated to clean carbon products and services in concert with the mining and drilling industry. RussKap Water President, Yehuda Kaploun, stated that these Oasis units will be produced in the company’s new state-of-the-art facility in North Carolina run by U.S. veterans. Mitchell Energy, a Texas-based subsidiary of Sustainable Metal Solutions will be responsible for the new units being purchased.

Brian Mitchell, founder of Mitchell Energy, said, “This is the first of many orders we are projecting with RussKap Water and Sustainable Metal Solutions and its subsidiaries. We look forward to further announcements of larger orders shortly. Texas, as we all know, has major water issues and we at Mitchell Energy look forward to implementing a solution to the growing water issues in Texas. After a lot of research we have determined that RussKap Water, which is the world leader in AWG technologies and provides the U.S. Department of Defense with AWG units, is the best company fit to provide a solution with many environmental benefits for our clients.”

Joseph Short, CEO of Mitchell Energy, added, “The commitment of the RussKap Water team, the team at Mitchell Energy, and Sustainable Metal Solutions to work together to provide healthy water for all is especially important during the unprecedented water crisis in the world. We look forward to continuing this partnership with RussKap Water and Sustainable Metal Solutions and being able to offer our clients at Mitchell Energy a safe and environmentally-friendly solution for their water needs.

All of the RussKap AWG units are ESG friendly as they eliminate reliance on single-use plastic water bottles, preventing the production of millions of throwaway plastics each year. This will prevent tremendous pollution of the world’s oceans and waterways. Additionally, RussKap AWG units reduce carbon emissions for drinking water sourcing and provisioning.

RussKap CEO, Ed Russo, remarked, “At a time when the world is focusing on water scarcity and in particular lack of clean and healthy water, we are leading the way in providing a sustainable, toxin-free, healthy drinking water source by harnessing it from the air on location.

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