RussKap Water showcasing Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) at Nationals Park.

U.S. Department of Defense Awards RussKap Water with Another Contract for Atmospheric Water Generation Units

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 / -- RussKap Water, LLC, has been awarded a new contract with the U.S. Department of Defense for Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) units. The company’s CEO, Ed Russo, made the announcement and detailed that the units will be deployed to the Indo-Pacific region. This recent order is part of a series of contracts that the military and government offices are awarding for AWG technology as the need for clean water solutions becomes ever more apparent.

Scott Campbell, CTO of RussKap Water, commented saying, “Using existing user evaluation data from the past five years, our team has been able to create the highest quality performance units on the market and we are pleased to have solidified a reputation of quality and reliability with our global clients. The benefits of atmospheric water generation are gaining more and more recognition, and hopefully this will lead to bringing the technology where it is needed most.”

Yehuda Kaploun, President of RussKap Water, stated, “The reason we continue to receive these contracts is because the benefits of AWG technology are only as good as the quality of the units. Globally, RussKap is viewed as the go-to company for high-quality AWG units. Be it disaster relief or humanitarian aid, reliable and efficient AWG units are needed in order to provide clean drinking water at the point of need.”

Kaploun further added, “With all of the increasing focus on healthy water, we now have a new municipal sales force which is geared toward helping municipalities deal with the toxic water crisis that is becoming more and more prevalent, especially here in the U.S. Every other day we are seeing another city that found unsafe levels of contaminants in the local tap water and aside from its environmental concerns, people are moving away from bottled water after recent studies show that plastic residue and chemical toxins are in the water. By creating clean drinking water from the air with a toxin-free process, RussKap AWG units are designed to provide a safe and sustainable solution to this issue while also preserving convenience and advancing efficiency.”

As part of the company’s greater initiative to provide the world with a viable and long-term drinking water solution, RussKap Water AWG units efficiently harness the abundant water supply within Earth’s atmosphere. Water-from-air technology is viewed as a scalable and sustainable avenue toward relieving the mounting global water crisis as it can simplify the water distribution process and circumvent common sources of contamination.


Photo of RussKap Water demonstrating their AWG units on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.


On the environmental front, RussKap Water advocates that creating clean drinking water on-site at the point of need eliminates the need to rely on transporting millions of plastic water bottles for drinking water. With over 480 billion plastic water bottles sold every year, the company is set on curbing the use of throwaway plastic bottles by providing a healthier and more convenient way of sourcing drinking water. Each large-scale ‘OASIS’ unit creates up to 200 gallons of clean drinking water per day - eliminating the need for up to 550,000 plastic water bottles every year; and each ‘Tiffany’ unit creates up to 10 gallons of clean drinking water per day, eliminating up to 27,645 plastic bottles every year.

With its significant leaps in advancing AWG technology, RussKap has redefined drinking water logistics on all fronts. RussKap AWG units have been used in various operational capacities for military, humanitarian, and commercial use, and have proven to be an effective and environmentally-friendly method of sourcing drinking water at the point of need.

RussKap Water is an all-American company with skilled U.S. veterans behind the development of their AWG technology. They are the largest supplier of AWG units to the U.S. Department of Defense and are recognized as the world’s leader in water-from-air technology.

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