Power-line igniting fire in the trees.

US Water Generation Company Creates Innovative Plan to Prevent Forest Fires in California

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 /RussKapWater.com/ -- Ed Russo, CEO of RussKap Holdings LLC, announced today that his company stands ready and able to assist California in its ongoing quest to fight forest fires. “By using atmospheric water generators we can have constant water flowing into traditionally dry parched areas which will help prevent a simple spark from igniting into a large brushfire.” Over the past few years, California has been racked by fires and many companies and government agencies have tried to come up with effective solutions. “Creating water from the air is the best solution aiming at prevention, not reaction. Keeping the ground foliage moist can stop a spark from becoming a blaze.” Yehuda Kaploun, President of RussKap Holdings LLC, pointed out that “there was close to 90 billion dollars of damage over the past years due to fires. Using Russkap’s award winning atmospheric water machines around and underneath power lines, and other key locations with dry surroundings, can help prevent transformer electrical sparks from igniting a blaze.”

In addition to eliminating the terrible environmental degradation caused by fires, this solution would cost a tiny fraction of what the power and insurance companies spend to replace damaged homes and businesses annually. Kaploun stated that “we have tried to approach the state and power authorities over the past two years and it appears that all are satisfied with the status quo.” Kaploun called on all state and power officials to respond to this solution. “There are no perfect solutions to prevent fires, but our technology can reduce the frequency and intensity.”

Russo, one of America’s leading environmentalists remarked, “if by using our technology we can help save one life or one home, this effort will be worth it.” RussKap Holdings is the largest provider of atmospheric water generating units to the US military and is recognized as the world's leader in innovative water technologies. Their units can also be solar powered, providing a fully sustainable source of purified water. In addition to combatting forest fires, these units can serve as a safe and abundant source of water in the event of natural disasters and other states of emergency, all while reducing the need to rely on single-use plastics.

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