Yehuda Kaploun

Co-Founder and President of RussKap Water, LLC

Yehuda Kaploun profile picture.

Yehuda Kaploun is a world renowned speaker and has been responsible for coordinating strategic development and partnerships throughout the United States in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Previously, Yehuda served as President of atmospheric water companies in the USA and launched their technology throughout the United States. Prior to that, he served as Senior Partner in Kap Consulting Group and counseled companies seeking to work with U.S. federal, state, and city agencies.

Yehuda has also served in an advisory capacity to large corporations, law firms, investment firms, real estate companies, and political leaders across the U.S. and in Israel. In addition, he has advised and assisted in many US crises and natural disasters including the 9/11 rescue efforts, as well as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. As a respected spokesperson and community leader in New York and Florida, he is sought-after for his opinions and commentary in the national media, including FOX and ABC News as well as the United States Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations.

Yehuda has also worked with Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel to found the Moses and Aaron Foundation – a charity committed to special needs children and their families. For his charitable work, Yehuda has been honored by the U.S. Congress and Senate, former New York Governor Pataki, former New York Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg, and the New York State Senate.