Harness the abundant and fully-renewable source of fresh water in the air around us. Our Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) are not just innovative, they're the solution to water challenges across a spectrum of settings. Whether you're seeking independence from traditional water sources or desire a truly reliable source of high-quality drinking water, RussKap AWG is here to revolutionize the way we hydrate.

Our systems are mobile, self-replenishing, and offer clean drinking water on demand, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles and reducing environmental impact. It's a transformation that's far-reaching, from residential and recreational spaces to commercial hubs, government facilities, humanitarian missions, environmental initiatives, and tailored custom applications. Explore the possibilities, embrace sustainability, and taste the future of water with RussKap AWG.

  • Residential

    • Homes, Apartments, Condos
    • Community Centers
    • Off-grid Living
    • Solar-powered AWG
    • Water Farms & Stations with Reserve Tanks
  • Recreational

    • Parks & Trails
    • Boats, Yachts, RVs
    • Festivals & Events
    • Membership Clubs & Entertainment
    • Gyms & Fitness Centers, Sports Facilities, Golf Courses
  • Public Welfare

    • Public Water Farms & Stations with Reserve Tanks
    • Schools & Universities
    • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
    • Homeless Shelters
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  • Business

    • Offices
    • Lobbies
    • Waiting Rooms
    • Staff Quarters
    • Corporate Buildings & Campuses
  • Hospitality

    • Hotels & Resorts
    • Cruises & Airlines
    • Airports & Lounges
    • Stadiums & Sporting Events
    • Gyms & Fitness Centers
    • Festivals & Events
  • Industrial

    • Factories & Warehouses
    • Freighters, Offshore Oil Rigs
    • Stadiums & Team Facilities
    • Construction Sites
    • Agriculture & Aquaculture
    • Fire & Police Departments
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  • Government

    • Federal Facilities
    • State Facilities
    • County Facilities
    • Municipal Facilities
    • US Exports
  • Military

    • On-base, Barracks, Mess Halls
    • Naval Vessels
    • Decentralized Water Source in Contested Environments
    • Mobile AWG Trailer with Generator
    • Compact Vehicle-Mounted AWG
  • Public Sites

    • National, State, & Local Parks
    • Public Beaches
    • Historic Sites
    • Wildlife Refuges
    • Nature Preserves
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Industry Leaders

RussKap Water is the world's leading supplier of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) to the US military and Department of Defense.

"The RussKap units, the OASIS and the TIFFANY, have redefined water logistics for the marine corps.‎"

– US Marine Corps Commander

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  • Humanitarian Aid

    Versatile solution for water scarcity and contamination events with mobile and independent source of clean drinking water.

  • Disaster Relief

    Rapid response capabilities with mobile, independent, and self-replenishing source of clean drinking water when municipal water systems are disabled by disaster.

  • Crisis Relief & Emergency Response

    Access the neutrally controlled source of drinking water in the air amidst conflict zones.

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Only together can we make the difference that the world needs.

More people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war, and over 80% of the disease in developing countries is related to poor drinking water and sanitation. Providing access to clean water, without any other medical involvement, could save 2 million lives per year – Donate Now to help supply AWG units and bring clean drinking water to communities in need!

  • Plastic Prevention

    One TIFFANY eliminates reliance on 33,000+ single-use plastic bottles every year; One OASIS eliminates reliance on 550,000+ single-use plastic bottles every year.

  • Solar-Powered AWG

    Pair RussKap AWG with solar power and turn sunlight into water for a fully-sustainable source of clean drinking water!

  • ESG Impact & Carbon Credits

    RussKap AWG directly advances positive ESG practices with a measurable impact by harnessing a renewable source of freshwater, eliminating reliance on throwaway plastics, reducing GHG emissions for water sourcing, and more.

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  • Scalable

    The atmosphere contains an abundant and fully-renewable supply of freshwater, and RussKap AWG can be scaled to meet any water needs up to 10,000 gallons per day.

  • Custom Wraps & Coatings

    In addition to RussKap AWG units sleek, user-friendly design, custom protective coatings and wraps are available per our clients needs.

  • System Modifications

    RussKap AWGs have been field tested by the US military in a wide-range of environments and can be modified or enhanced per client needs.

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