The Technology: RussKap Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) provides an independent supply of drinking water that's easy to use.

What Makes RussKap AWG Unique: exceeds global standards for drinking water, industry-leading product and service, made in USA by US veterans.

The Latest and Greatest in Drinking Water: reliable, renewable, sustainable, and scalable.

Logistical Impact: one year drinking water supply - TIFFANY vs bottled water.

Logistical Impact: one year drinking water supply - OASIS vs bottled water.

RussKap AWG Quality: EPA-recommended ozone water treatment, zero toxins or contaminants, alkaline pH level.

RussKap AWG Sustainability: proactive solution for plastic pollution, mitigate environmental impact, harness fully-renewable supply of fresh water.

RussKap AWG Efficiency: self-replenishing supply, on-site water production, mobile water source.

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