Designed for large-scale uses, the OASIS features greater water production and storage capabilities.

The OASIS eliminates reliance on groundwater, tap water purification systems, and single-use plastic water bottles and provides a reliable, independent, and mobile source of healthy drinking water.

The OASIS can be mounted onto a trailer and paired with a power generator for enhanced mobility and independence.


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Water Production & Storage

Creates up to 240 gallons (909L) of water per day.

Built-in water storage tank holds 200 gallons (757L).


L / W / H:

65 / 65 / 60 in (165.1 / 165.1 / 152.4 cm)

Dry Weight

1,800 lbs (816.47 kg)

Electrical Characteristics

Power Supply: 240 VAC / 60 Hz, three-phase

Power Draw: 15 kW

Current: ~40 Amps per phase


Stainless-steel exterior.

FDA approved and NSF-61 compliant components.

Warranty & Support

Each OASIS comes with a standard 2-year warranty. Warranty extensions are available by contacting  info@russkapwater.com.

Questions about your OASIS? Contact our support team at  techsupport@russkapwater.com.

Care Instructions

Replace air filter after six months of use or after it becomes noticeably dirty, whichever comes first.

Replace water filters after six months of use or after 1,500 gallons have been dispensed, whichever comes first.

Leave at least 6 inches of space on all sides to ensure optimal air flow and water generation.

Station OASIS in an environment with at least 35% relative humidity or a dew point of at least 45ºF (7.22ºC).

Operating Temperature: 40-120ºF (4.44-48.89ºC).

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  • Large-scale water production and storage capability.
  • Forklift compatible; can be mounted onto trailer and paired with power generator.
  • Autofills and manages built-in water storage tank.
  • NSF-61 certified and FDA approved components.
  • Built-in ozone water treatment and mineralization system.
  • Cold water dispensation with a pure, refreshing taste.
  • Proudly made in USA.


  • Clean, toxin-free drinking water created from the air.
  • Consistent chilled temp and refreshing taste in any location.
  • On-site water creation at the point of need with mobile and independent water system.
  • Greatly mitigates every metric for water supply logistics including: transport, response time, cost, storage, resupply, and waste production and management.
  • Fully-renewable water source and self-replenishing water supply.
  • NO raw water source, permanent infrastructure, or single-use plastics.
  • Offsets 331,000+ single-use plastic water bottles every year.*



  • On-base, barracks, mess halls, training facilities
  • Expeditionary, deployment, training simulations
  • Crisis relief, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, nation building
  • Rapid response, trailer-mounted, mobile operations
  • Temporary infrastructure, warehouses, remote locations
  • Company sustainment

Commercial & Industrial:

  • Schools, hotels, resorts, stadiums, arenas
  • Office buildings, corporate campuses, warehouses
  • Industrial facilities and worksites: construction, mining, oil rigs, factories, manufacturing plants, etc.



  • Unaffected by water shortage, contaminations, and drought.
  • Avoids contaminants associated with tap and bottled water.
  • No reliance on groundwater and plumbing or single-use plastics and transportation.
  • Cleaner source, better treatment, and on-site delivery.

    • Can supply 73,000+ gallons every year.
    • Renewable and self-replenishing supply.
    • Total Weight: 1,800 lbs.
    • Requires single shipment.
    • Sources drinking water on-site at point of need.
    • No single-use plastic waste.
  • Bottled Water (16.9 fl oz)

    • One-time supply of 73,000 gallons.
    • Requires yearly renewal.
    • Total Weight: 650,000 lbs.
    • Requires multiple recurring shipments.
    • Sources drinking water over great distance.
    • Significant plastic waste (552,960 bottles / year).
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*Depending on proximal environmental conditions.