• Renewable & Self-Replenishing

    RussKap AWG offers a proactive solution for plastic pollution by providing a renewable and self-replenishing source of clean drinking water. The use of RussKap AWG enables and encourages reusable bottles and containers in place of disposable ones.

  • Reduce Plastic Waste

    One RussKap AWG unit, depending on the size, supplies the equivalent of tens or hundreds of thousands of plastic water bottles every year with zero reliance on pipes or plastics for transport.

  • Conserve Groundwater

    RussKap AWG helps conserve finite groundwater resources through eliminating reliance on a raw water source for drinking water needs. 

  • Simplified Process

    RussKap AWG reduces carbon emissions for drinking water sourcing and provisioning with a simplified process.

  • No Pipes

    RussKap AWG eliminates the need for complex plumbing and piping operations for tap water which are costly to the economy and environment.

  • ESG Impact

    RussKap AWG has a measurable ESG impact by gallons distributed through its ability to source water in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner.

  • Solar Compatible

    RussKap AWG is compatible with solar and battery power allowing for a fully-renewable off-grid water source.